Our History


The Argentinian viticulture is signed by the stories of European immigrants who came to these latitudes and left their mark on the culture of this part of South America forever. Our history has that same origin and the ending that is written every time someone drinks one of our wines.

Our father, Juan, arrived from Andalusia in the early 1950s to cultivate vines in Mendoza. He taught us that work is always above recognition, that the landmarks the rhythm of tillage and that austerity is the ultimate virtue. It was in 2004 when, together with my brother Nicolás, we decided to go one step further and build a winery to produce high quality wines, with a great fascination for innovation. In April of that year we founded Las Perdices in the heart of our vineyard in Agrelo, where we grew up and learned to make wine since we can remember.

Our kingdom that is full of vines, family and work. A beloved territory also inhabited by the partridges that inspired our name. We resemble these birds because they take root in dry and stony climates. Partridges do not migrate but choose their home and make their home based on effort.
Everything we learned during a life in the vineyard concludes not only in our wines, but in those who drink them and let us share part of our history.

Juan Carlos Muñoz